It has been my pleasure to know Pat Sita for over 40 years.  During the extensive time that I have known Pat, I have found her to be a trusted and loyal friend, extremely ethical business woman and a champion of human and animal rights.  Her giving and caring ways have been well exemplified during her of service for the Woodside Road United Methodist Church, which reluctantly accepted her resignation in order for Pat to pursue her new business venture in Oregon.
It is refreshing in our complex and difficult society to have the acquaintance of Pat knowing that she is always a person of her word and can be counted upon to accomplish the right thing.
During the years I have known Pat, I had the pleasure of meeting her mother.  During this entire time, I know that Pat took care of her mother and especially so after she was unfortunately diagnosed with terminal cancer.  As a result of this terrible illness, Pat took on, with incredible enthusiasm, all the duties and chores of attending to her mother and her mother's household, in addition to her own personal needs.  At times these tasks were tremendously exhausting, but Pat was well up to the task.
I think it is important to also mention that Pat was always caring of my two children, and any time that we talked on the phone or in person, she would always inquire as to their well-being and her care for them.  She was referred to in our household as "Aunt Patti" not only as an acknowledgment of respect but her familiarity with our family.

Kirk M.
It is a pleasure to write this letter of reference and recommendation for Pat Sita after all the many years we have known each other.  She has my full permission to use this document any way she wishes.
After much careful thought and reflection, Pat has relocated to southern Oregon from the San Francisco Bay Area to pursue her dream of owning and managing the finest kennel in the area.  As you are getting to know her and, in the context of the kennel, trust her with your cherished family member, I’m happy to share my observances of her character as only a friend and confidante of almost 40 years is able.
Allow me to frame my thoughts in two ways:  her mind and her heart. 
Pat possesses the brain and experience of a well managed businesswoman.  Having come from a business background including accounting management, Pat is a multi-tasker like few others.  Her attention to detail is deep and wide which is why she was so valued by her last two, simultaneous employers.  During her last few years in the area, Pat not only ran the business offices of two entities, but also was her own boss managing an at-your-home animal care service.  She is tireless, as well as conscientious.  When it comes to planning, execution and management of her business, and all the important affairs associated, I already know she’ll do everything the right way.
But the reasons for which to strongly consider her are those which you cannot see.  Pat remains one of the most caring, trustworthy individuals I have ever known.  Caring to do right, to choose the right path is something born in.  As the great writer Mark Twain coined, “Always do right. It will gratify some and astonish the rest.”  Pat will always do right.  So, if she tells you something, she means it.  She has always been there for my family and me over many years.  She will be there for you.
Please welcome Pat into your community, into your family if you will.  You cannot have a better friend or neighbor – to take good care of your dog, your cat or you.

With great regards,

Paul P.
Account Manager
I have known Pat for almost 30 years as an adopted family member.  She started attending the same church as my Mom and Dad and they became close freinds as my parents were empty nesters at that point.
Since my siblings and I were out of the area, Pat would take the time to check in on my parents to see it they needed anything or to provide them company, especially to watch the football games with my Dad as my Mom only liked the "half-times".  She would also take the time to help my Dad with computer skills or Mom with handmade products for the church bazaars.  This helped to keep my parents active as they aged.
I also have known her through her own mother's terminal illness where she had to do all of the arrangements and work by herself and made her Mom's life as comfortable as possible.
I have also known some of her employers and have always heard compliments on her work ethic and reliability.
I also feel she is very level-headed in her attitude towards work and life in general as she handles anything thrown her way as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Norman D.