We recommend Pat Sita to anyone looking for pet care.  In the past, Pat has lovingly cared for our dogs, Brody and Joey.  Pat's love of animals was clear from the first moment she stepped into our home.  Each time, her first mission was to make a positive connection with our pet - which she did with great care and sensitivity.  Pat then asked all the right questions to ensure she would care for our pet just as we do.  Pat is thorough, careful and focused.  You immediately get the sense that there's nowhere she'd rather be, than caring for your pet. 
We are thrilled for Pat's new adventure in Oregon, but we're sad that our dependable, friendly and conscientious pet sitter is moving away!  We unequivocally recommend Pat to anyone who considers their pet a part of the family, as we do!!!

Brigitte & Pete S.
I have known Pat Sita since 2006.  She worked for our church as the office manager and then I found out she also took care of animals.
We have a now 10 year old black Lab and a now 10 year old Rag doll cat who absolutely adore her.  She has spent many long stretches of time in our house taking care of the animals with her generous, loving, thoughtful spirit.
Our dog Callie needs to be walked every day, and the cat, Shasta, follows about one quarter of the way.  Pat walked them both rain and shine twice a day.   She made sure they had water and food on the schedule they were used to. She spent lots of time sitting on the floor or sofa just petting the animals and cuddling them.
She is extremely trustworthy – I just gave her my garage door opener and said do what you have to do!  I would recommend her to anyone as the honest, dependable, conscientious and caring person that she is!  

Carla S.
Pat Sita cared for my pug, Molly, a number of times over the last few years.  Pat is an extraordinarily responsible and devoted pet caregiver.  She follows through on all pet-related duties and reports on all activities.  She e-mailed me when I was out of the country to allay any fears regarding the status of my elderly dog.  This comfort helped me make my vacation the best it could be.
Pat is an exceptional professional.  I would highly recommend her to care for your pet without any reservation.

Jane M.
Pat is wonderful with animals!  She has been our dog sitter for many years and we miss her.  She is honest and reliable.  We highly recommend her services.

Leslie & Wade B.

It is said that one can tell a lot about a person by how he/she interacts with animals.  Based on this criteria, Pat Sita is a remarkable person -- loving, caring, intelligent, and responsible.
Approximately 2005 when I was in need of a cat sitter, a colleague recommended Pat.  During our initial visit, she asked pertinent animal-care questions, became familiar with the cats's environment, and made "first contact" with the felines.  She was gentle and affectionate.  The cats and I knew immediately that we had found a reliable and warm caregiver.
Since that initial meeting, Pat has worked for me several times -- visiting my home twice daily to feed and care for my two cats, Bailey and Spencer.  Each time, upon my return, my cats were healthy and happy, and all was well with my house.
It has been Pat's long term dream to operate a boarding and care facility for animals.   I can think of no one better suited to do such work.  Although many of her clients and friends will dearly miss her, we are cheering her on in her new endeavor.  I envy her future clients, both human and animal.  As they say, our loss is their gain.
Pat Sita is a lovely person and a competent professinal.  I heartily recommend her as an animal caregiver. 

Nancy P.
Pat Sita has taken care of our pets since 2004.  During that time she has exhibited extraordinary concern for the welfare of our dogs and has shown us in many ways her affection for them individually.  She has stayed in our home, played with MacGregor (now deceased) and Winston, checked in on them during the day between her other employment responsibilities, and communicated with us regularly during our vacation.  With Pat caring for them in our absence, we felt confident that our pets would be cared for with devotion.
  Whenever we planned our trips to Ashland, we made sure that Pat would be available to take care of our pets.  Now that Pat has moved
to Oregon, we will bring Winston to
her to be taken care of during our
Ashland stay.

John & Diane M.
Dear Pat,

I am writing this letter to openly recommend you and your kennel.  I can honestly say over the past fifteen years, I haven’t found anyone as dedicated as you when it comes to caring for pets.
The way you cared for my yellow labs, Abby and Crockett, was truly heartwarming – even when they weren’t in the best of health.  Everyone who has had you watch their pets feels the same way, you have the complete trust and confidence of us all.  Additionally, Pat cared for my dogs in my home and was just as reliable and trustworthy looking after it while I was out of town.
I wish you the best of luck in your new community; you will be sorely missed in ours.  I also encourage anyone who would like to talk with me directly to please call anytime.

Scott P.

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